Zohaib Khan

Self-taught UI UX Designer and Full Stack Developer. Creating beautiful, efficient and valuable experiences for the end users. I find efficient solutions for design and development problems like usability to create aesthetically pleasing and functional websites and web applications.

CS graduate in engineering

Graduated in engineering with CS major from one of the most prestigious universities in India — Visvesvaraya Technological University. Things I learnt while in college

  • last minute preparations
  • life is a series of failures
  • make sure no knowledge, skill or food goes to waste, et al.

Front End Developer

The world of web fascinated me to the point where I wanted to be a developer. I find Front End immensely interesting because you get to analyze and make enticing and pleasing choices for the end user. Or so to say, for the consumers. So, I started learning HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. I'm getting better at it everyday.

Back End Developer

Gradually I developed an interest for back end too — logic and functioning is key. So I learnt Php and Python. I may have got formal education in uni but but most of the things I've learnt on my own in my life. NodeJS is what I'm into right now.

UI / UX Designer

I like interacting with people and observing their peculiarities. I look for patterns in the world and relate them to each other to find the functioning meaning and beauty behind them. And since I have always had an interest in art and designing, now I'm putting my skills together to create something great everytime.

Career Progress

This is my progress over the period of little over one year in my career.

Firstest Work

When I was a complete amateur and felt like a newborn baby. I was just starting out and someone asked me to make anything, and I gave my best.

First Project

When I got my first official work as freelance through contacts. It was terrible.

Never Giving Up

I showed my rough first draft because I was open to criticisms. But it motivated me to show that I can do it. So I took 3 days and learnt what I had to, to make it look how clients asked me to.

Responsive Project

Mobile first responsive website with some bootstrap, jQuery, Javascript and lots of dynamic conponents. I am confident that I can be much better than this because I am a quick learner and constantly growing.

Getting Inspirations

I started looking for websites whose UI/UX didn't impress me. I redesigned them. But coding the whole website was daunting. So I just designed and this is my most proud work.

Python Web App

I started learning Python because it was interesting. But only learning was not enough. So I had to make something too. Working with a framework (Flask) for the first time helped me learn about packages, dependencies, etc. Got inspired by a project and with a little help, developed this social blogging web app and deployed this project to Heroku.

Dynamic Table and Chart using API

First time I worked with APIs. I know, it looks amateur. 👦🏻

Car Parking App

First ever React project I did when I was trying to learn something and took up this as a challenge. I worked on this project to challenge my newly-found interests and to enhance my skills. I learnt so much about React framework in particular. Still adding features to this and will update the responsive design soon.

Gym equipments website

Constant Flow Impex is a leading retailer for gym equipments. They were quite impressed with my creative design and how interactive the website looks.

E-comm for Tea Company

Created an e-commerce platform for a tea company with back-end functionalities built in Php that has a neat admin dashboard interface, invetory and user management, invoice processing. No framework used. Checkout the front-end of the webapp.

🔥 Social Web App for Devs 🔥

Full Stack Dev used to seem intimidating to me. But when I took up on this project, I realized that commitment and perseverance pays off. I learnt how the back end (NodeJS) and front end (React) works, state management (Redux),how to connect them and share data (MongoDB) through REST API securely (PassportJS) and also how we can upload images to file system (Multer). This is my first MERN web app.

Money Manager App

When I started to get comfortable with React on the Front-End and NodeJS on the Back-End, I had to do something new. So I deployed the client side on a different host (zeit) and server on heroku and since it was Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), I needed to use npm module 'cors' to access resources from a different origin.

Not only that, I learnt how to implement security as it was open for any user to play around with. And since I am great with design concepts and understanding how technologies work, I implemented React Skeleton loader without even using any library.

Watermark RAW Image

I was fascinated by the idea of how services like Shutterstock could automate the process of watermarking. So I wanted to try to develop a software where any user would be able to just upload a raw image and programmatically it would generate three preview images, with the logo and images superimposed.

I know its not the best but it gets the job done efficiently.

🔥 Expense Manager App 🔥

I always wanted to build my own apps. But the idea always dreaded me. Mainly because of the reason that I beleived it was only meant for certain types if developers.

My voyage into the app development world happened because I had already gotten comfortable with React so I wanted to give Native a show. I was surprised how smooth the development feels with this awesome framework. This is a very basic app I created but I am definitely going to come up with something much more cooler.

Get in touch

I like to interact with great minds and get noticed for my potential. Feel free to contact me directly. I'm more impressive in person by the way.